FFT - Patient Comments & Feedback

Summary of Allesley Park Medical Centre Patient Feedabck and Comments.



YOU SAID You have to wait to see a Clinician and require more appointments.
REPLY  - In addition to the recent increases detailed below we have increased the Practice Nursing hours by an extra day (7.5 Hrs) and will also be increasing the hours and appointments provided by our Nurse Practitioners both now (extra 3.5 Hrs) and even further (11 hours) from January 2018. A total of 22 hours extra clinical appointments will be available.

YOU SAID Further requests for more appointments over the last few FFT response periods.
REPLY – We have recruited a full time GP (Starting 1.9.17) and increased our Practice Nurse hours to provide more appointments (July 2017).

YOU SAID Can we have more appointments? (Dec 2016)
REPLY - In addition to our comments below we are responding to the winter pressures and are pleased to advise that we have obtained NHS support to provide extra GP and Nurse Appointments until the beginning of March 2017.

YOU SAID - Could we have more anti- bacterial wash provided? (Oct 2016)
REPLY We have installed an Anti-bacterial dispenser near the entrance and provide anti-bacterial dispensers at reception.

YOU SAID You said that you needed more appointment availability to avoid waiting to see a clinician (21,24)
REPLY We have responded to your comments and In addition to the extra Doctor recruited in October 2015 and our Registrar (See below) we have now recruited an additional prescribing Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She has commenced her duties and this will allow us to provide more pre bookable and 'on the day' appointment availability for our patients.

In addition more appointments are now available to pre book on line via our 'Patient Access' service. We are also providing late night pre bookable appointments until 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as early morning pre bookable appointments from 7am on a Monday morning to support our working patients.

YOU SAID Radio or music in reception to help provide confidentiality in reception area (11)
REPLY We are looking into obtaining a Performing Rights license in order to be able to play radio stations in a public area. The radio station can then be broadcast through the large TV in the reception area. 

YOU SAID  More appointments and Urgent Appointments (34)
Reduce the waiting times to see the doctor (25)
REPLY We have recruited an additional Doctor who will commence in October 2015. We have also taken on another registrar for 12 months starting in August. These additions will provide extra appointment availability for the practice.

YOU SAID Provide Tea/Coffee in the waiting room (9)
REPLY Whilst this is not an available option we do provide water upon request. Please ask at reception.

YOU SAID Provide magazines in the waiting room (8)
REPLY GP surgeries are no longer allowed to display books or magazines in reception or the waiting area as they have been known to spread infection. It was recommended they be removed to reduce the risk.

YOU SAID  More parking spaces are needed (4)
REPLY  Free parking is available. Parking has been improved with our new building. However this is a community car park and no more spaces are available. Parking in front of the shops is limited to 2 hours.

The offer of privacy is displayed on reception. Please ask a receptionist if you require a private room for your discussion.


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